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Comenius Eusola, Angouleme-France, May 2011

The project meeting took place between the 23rd ant the 27th of May, 2011 in the beautiful city of Angouleme in France.

This was the  third project meeting (First in Hadsteen, Denmark and second in Budapest, Hungary) of the Comenius project EUSOLA, European Solidarity in Action.
This project focuses on raising awareness of the position of the underprivileged countries and the work of humanitarian organizations.
Through the project a joint humanitarian project was agreed and was put into practice.
The hosting school of Lycee Professionnel Jean Rostand in Angouleme turned the stay of students and teachers into an unforgettable experience.
Welcome to the Lycee Jean Rostand school in Angouleme!
The French team who worked hard warmly received all participants and worked hard for the success of the meetings. (In the picture first row from left : Therese Soulard wiht her son Loan, Margaux Noel and Marie Gendron. Second row standing from left: Renee Corberand, Pauline Point, Erika Fandroana, Mathilde Lalieve and Celine Guibert.
The students of each school developed their own humanitarian project proposal.
The slogan "Together we achieve more" served as the basis for the students to get a sense of a common European identity and understand the necessity to help those in need.

Teachers from Cyprus (from left) Chloe Paikou and Popi Nicolaidou.
Cyprus / Chypre - Part of the classroom wall.

The beauties of Angouleme city!
French students (from left) Mathilde Lalieve and Pauline Point.
Ulrich Besirske from Germany, spreading his great enthusiasm to all participants.
Dr. Carsten Witt, from Germany expressing thoughts and ideas.
Teachers from Cyprus (from left) Popi Nicolaidou and Chloe Paikou .
Teachers having their first meeting.
1.       Slovenian teachers Alexandra Kocevar and  Marta Strmec during the meeting.
A reflection and a free exchange of views and ideas.
Listening carefully.
Having a very good dialogue and productive discussions.
Teachers taking notes...
Rethinking and reevaluating the needs of the Project.
From left, French Therese Soulard and Hungarian Varga Zoltan, F. Gabriella and Toth Ibolya.
Important notes for further discussion and implementation.
All students have made a significant contribution to all the activities and events of the Project.

Therese Soulard’s cute son Loan a talented kid an excellent drawing artist, apart of his beauty and brightness.

In Angouleme, the teachers and students of the 11 participating countries worked together to develop a website with all the information and details of the project.
The students were hosted by French families. 
This gave them the chance to increase the intercultural relationships, make friendships,  develop their language skills, enhance the sense of European citizenship and gain a better understanding of the similarities and differences between all the participating European cultures.
Hungarian teachers F. Gabriella and Toth Ibolya.
Gabriella Fehérné Jékel  proved to be an excellent drawing artist holding a sketch she made for Ulrich Besirske.
German Ulrich Besirske leading a discussion.
The project “Young Europeans-Alike but Different” focused on high-school students, aged 15-19, from twelve countries: France, Germany, Cyprus, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Lithuania, Hungary, Portugal and the Czech Republic.

The team from Cyprus, Maria Savvidou, Popi Nicolaidou, Chloe Paikou and Iris Miltiadous.
The Slovenian team: Eva Plut, Ema Muc, Alexandra Kocevar, Marta Strmec, Meta Dolinsek and Lea Kolakovic.
The Italian team, Weiano Volpato, Elia Trevisan, Silvia Zirti, Luca Cavraro, Raoul Bedin
and Nicola Carraro.
The Finnish group Salla Makela, Maria Siironen, Iina Vainiopaa, Mirella Lahtinen and Sohvi Kyosti.
The Lithuania team: Tomas Voinic, Karolina Jankovska, Inga Kondratonic, Valdemar Kerul, Renata Urbanovic and Evelina Fronska.
The Danish team, Kasper, Camilla, Line, Zacharia and Jutta.
The Czech team.
The German team, Alisa, Marcel, Manuel, Sezgin, Brigitte, Carsten and Ulis.
The Hungarian team: Dr. Varga Zoltan, F. Gabriella, Cs Toth Ibolya, Zsanett, Tibi, Dori, Laura, Zsofi, Adri, Petra.
The Portuguese group, Custino Melo, Pedro Walker and Beatriz Sena
It's obviously a modeling show, isn't it? Everybody looks so happy…
Charming French students modeling their own creations!
Future celebrities in a shining show.
What a show!
Event and show models in the school corridors...
Popi Nicolaidou sharing views with a student.
The students all look so interested in the program. It was fantastic.
Sarah from France with her fellow students contributing to the success of the Project.
Absolute enjoyment of the moments!
Students proudly show their creations.
A team during the guided tour of the school.
Orientation in the various sections of the school.
Enjoying a trip in the magnificent Charente river with a ‘Gabare’, the traditional river boat.
Excursion to the city of Cognac which is situated on the river Charente between the towns of Angouleme and Saintes
What an incredible experience for the students and everyone involved.
The French teachers made every effort to offer a warm hospitality. Each teacher took on a concrete task and everything worked out perfectly.
French students were excited to welcome friends from so many different parts of Europe.

The team from Cyprus, Iris Miltiadous, Popi Nicolaidou, Maria Savvidou and Chloe Paikou.
In the impressive building of the City Hall.
French Therese Soulard, Renee Corberand and the Headmistress Anne-Marie Vrigneau who worked hard, together with the rests to organize things.
Happy smiles. They'll remember this forever.
Slovenian teachers Marta Strmec and Alexandra Kocevar.
Maria Savvidou from Cyprus and Marie Gendron from France.

Mirella Lahtinen, Sohvi Kyosti and Iina Vainiopaa from Finland.
French students (from left) Mathilde Lalieve and Pauline Point.
From left Mathilde Lalieve, Pauline Point, Philip Nicolaides, Popi Nicolaides and Chloe Paikou.

Maria Savvidou, Marie Gendron, Popi Nicolaidou and Chloe Paikou.
The contribution to the success of the Project by the French young students was remarkable.
Lithuanian multi-talented student Karolina Jankovska, impressed all who heard her beautiful singing voice and stunning dramatic representation.
Popi Nicolaidou and Chloe Paikou of Archbishop Makarios III Lyceum (Dasoupolis), Nicosia, Cyprus presenting a token of appreciation to the French headmistress Anne-Marie Vrigneau.
The French partners who hosted the meeting have done a great job.
The headmistress Anne-Marie Vrigneau addressing the audience at the farewell party.

An absolutely great experience from beginning to end. Many thanks and best wishes to all the teachers and students from all the eleven countries and above all to our French friends for their warm welcome and super hospitality! 
Merci beaucoup!


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