Thursday, December 10, 2009

Comenius Project, Zwonitz/Germany 2009

Comenius Project 2008 – 2010
«Young Europeans: Alike but different»
25 November – 2 December 2009
The project meeting took place in beautiful city of Zwonitz in Germany.
The hosting school of Matthes-Enderlein-Gymnasium in Zwonitz turned the stay of students and teachers an unforgettable experience.
The project dealt with elements of culture and every day life on which students will have to work, publishing basic facts about each country, creating a “word bank” of common words in each language, and creating various presentations on traditions, lifestyle and pop music.
The project “Young Europeans-Alike but Different” focused on high-school students, aged 15-19, from eight countries: Poland, Spain, Germany, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria and Sweden.
The active participation results in a well-coordinated and meaningful planning by Katrin Mulcahy, proved her leadership extraordinary capabilities.
Katrin Mulcahy, coordinator of the project. Her colleagues and of course her excellent students were excited to welcome all their friends from so many different parts of Europe.
Coordinators Grit Kretzschmar and Katrin Mulcahy have made a great job.
Welcome assembly.
The Headmaster addressing the assembly.
The Mayor of Zwoenitz welcoming guests from other parts of Europe.
Regional educational official on expresing his thoughts.
Last but not least a Nachtwachter, the traditional night watchman.
Georgia Koumas, Headmistress of Archbishop Makarios III Lyceum (Dasoupolis), Nicosia, Cyprus presenting a token of appreciation to the German Headmaster.
Georgia Koumas expresing her appreciation for the whole project.
The main aim of the project was to assess students’ stereotyped ideas and prejudices to help them broaden their horizons and become more open to other nations and cultures.
The Greek team during the guided tour of the school.
Greek students in the yard of the school.
The school is equipped with computers and internet access in most rooms.
Students can use them for free with their personal passwords.
Matthes-Enderlein-Gymnasium is a secondary school for pupils aged 10 to 18.
After 4 years of primary school students continue their school career at Gymnasium, which enables them to do their A-level exams, so they can study at university later on.
The only exams are the A-level exams after year 12, but there are many class tests every year and school reports twice a year, in February and in the summer.
All students learn English as their first foreign language and French, Latin or Russian as their second or third foreign language. From year 7 on the pupils may specialize in either languages or sciences.
The school employs 65 teachers and 607 pupils in years 5 to 12.
There is a great choice of school clubs in the afternoons, like sports, dance, foreign languages, music, magazine editing, Comenius club and other.
The contribution to the success of the Project by the German young students was remarkable. (In the picture from left , Fanny, Maria, Popi Nicolaides, Marie and Georgia Koumas ).
Active involvement and keen interest by excellent students Fanny, Marie and Maria
Coordinator Grit Kretzschmar with her cute son Patrick who has a great sense of humor apart of his beauty and bridnes.
Looking happily Katerina, Suzana and Antonis from Nicosia, Cyprus.
Marios and Lydia leading the group through the old streets of the city...
From left to right, teachers Susanne and Nina from Sweden.
Visiting the Protestant church as a part of the presentation about Protestanism.
In the yard of the church.
Into the church.
Going back to school.
Greek students from Thessalononiki enjoying the beauties of the city.
Antonis Mesaritis with his friends from Greece.
From left, Popi Nicolaides, Georgia Koumas and Stella Lantsia, teachers from Cyprus.
Traditional embroidery, showing to the students the local art or handicraft.
Polish teachers (from left) Ewa Zemanek and Dominika Owsiany with the teachers from Cyprus, Stella Lantsia, Popi Nicolaides and Georgia Koumas.
Teachers from Italy, Sweden and Greece having a meeting.
A free exchange of views and ideas.
The teachers having very good and productive discussions.
Well organized German students ready for their performance.
The German team has made a significant contribution to all the activities of the Project.
Katrin’s daughter Lucy just looks so cute. The little angel proved to be smart and intelligent.
Patrick and Lucy having fun in school. They both prove to have a sense of humor.
Davide from Italy with the team from Cyprus, in traditional costumes ready for the show.
Foklor dancing performance by the team of Cyprus.
Pictures, lot of pictures in every minute...
Just exhausted because of dancing but happy is ever...
Trying to show and teach others...
Who is teaching who! (Fabrizio from Italy and Souzana from Cyprus).
Maria Hadjigavriel looking completely satisfied with her performance.
Lydia, Katerina and Stella anxiously awaiting the results!!
The Italians are ready for their dancing performance.
Despite Suzanna's drive and passion she looks tired but happy after long hours dancing lessons.
All together learning dancing and having fun.
Michelle and Teresa with a sweet smile after the performance of the German team.
Stella is collecting herself...
Marios with black T-shirt losing his steps... (Picture, from left Tasos, Nathalie, Marios)
Andreas, Maria and Fotini rethinking the steps...
Fantastic rhythm for everybody.
A perfect ending by Suzana and Pavlos.
The team from Cyprus learning German christmas songs and traditional songs from Erzgebirge.
Gluck auf! Gluk auf! Der Steiger kimmt!...
Marios Petri reading the news from Cyprus...
Members of Swedish and Cypriot team. (Picture, standing from left, Nathalie, Eleni, Nathalie, Pavlos, Lovice, Marios, Susanne, Popi and Nina. Sitting, from left Lydia, Katerina and Maria).
The Swedish in their traditional Christmas costumes for the season. (Picture from left, Nathalie, Lovice, Susanne, Natalie and Nina).
Enhancing the enjoyment of Christmas spirit.
The spirit of Christmas for two different cultures is the same!
Showing the customs of Chritsmas in Sweden. The Swedish Christmas spirit at its best by Lovice, Nathalie, Nathalie, and their teachers Nina and Susanne.
Part of the classroom wall.
From left Katerina, Antonis, Andreas, Suzana, Kalipso, Stella, Maria and their teacher Stella Lantsia.
From left, Marios, Pavlos, Lydia, Eleni, Alexandros, Katerina, Suzana, Maria, Andreas, Fotini and Antonis.
All the teachers at the entrance of the school, Matthes-Enderlein-Gymnasium.
Teachers and students.
Zwonitz, Germany is situated in the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains), a hilly region in the Free State of Saxony, close to the border of the Czech Republic.
Traditional parade of miners in the streets of Zwonitz.
Excited Katerina in the parade.
The traditional parade of miners in Zwonitz, Market Square.
Suzana participating in the St. Andreas parade.
St. Andreas parade "Ahlichtln" is the official beginning of Christmas time in Zwonitz.
Despite the cold weather, Maria couldn't miss the parade.
It's obviously a Christmas Parade, isn't it? Everybody looks so happy...
Christmas market in Zwonitz, Market Square.
Excursion to Dresden the capital city of the free State of Saxony in Germany.
In front of the Cathedral Frauenkirche in Dersden.
Visit to St. Annen Church (built 1499-1525) in Annaberg.
Annaberg is an old mining town and the capital of Erzgebirgskreis county.
Visit to a local bakery in Annaberg.
Standing from left, Fotini, Suzana, Eleni, Lydia and Andreas and Keterina.
From left, Alexandros, Lydia, Eleni, Suzana and Stella in Berlin.
The Berlin Wall built in 1961. Twenty years ago, on the night of November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall fall and German reunification was a reality.
Checkpoint Charlie "Checkpoint C" was the name given by the Western Allies to the most well-known Berlin Wall crossing point between East Germany and West Germany during the Cold War.
Suzana in front of Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin.
20th anniversary of the wall's fall. Students from Cyprus looking forward for the fall of the wall in Cyprus...
The fantastic Pergamon Museum in Berlin.
Lydia admiring the collection of Classical Antiquities.
Suzana in the room of sculptures from many Greek and Roman cities.
The main exhibits are the Pergamon Altar from the 2nd century BC, with a 113 meters (371 ft) long sculptural frieze depicting the struggle of the gods and the giants, and the Gate of Miletus from Roman antiquity.
The team in action!
Ready, steady, go! Crossing the road to the Museum.
Fotini & Katerina in the German Historical Museum.
German History in images and artefacts from two Millenia. Keterina and Fotini admiring the exhibits.
Eleni looks so relaxing and happy in the bus going back to the hotel.
Enjoying Berlin and its beauties the last night.
Some shopping in the famous KaDeWe shopping center.
Marios and Stella at the airport of Berlin ready to fly to Cyprus through Prague.

A short visit to Prague, another amazing city of Europe.
Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic.
This was the signal that the fantastic trip had come to an end. Great opportunity, perfect venue, wonderful people and best friendships! An absolutely great experience from beginning to end.
Many thanks and best wishes to all the teachers and students from all the eight countries and above all to our German friends for their warm welcome and super hospitality. DANKE!


Lydia said...

These are exciting photos of a marvelous trip! I see that Popi is a teacher - and I love the photo of her with the other teachers. And a good happy photo of you with the group. The students all look so interested in the program. I think it is fantastic.

Now I wonder what you mean about waiting for the fall of the wall in Cyprus....

This is so interesting that I am forwarding the link to my blogging friend Francessa in Vienna, who is also a teacher.

Cheryl said...

What an incredible experience for the students and everyone involved. They'll remember this forever. What an excellent reason to take a trip!

Dominika said...

This wonderful blog and great photos bring back brilliant memories from our visit to Germany...Thank you :-)

Marie´s blog said...

Oh thank you for the nice memories!
I love your block with all the great photos!
Thank you for staying in Germany for the one week! It was one of the best weeks in my life!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

@ Lydia. It was indeed a marvelous trip! I much enjoyed all activities and excursion. Germany is a fantastic country and the Germans were very friendly to us. We feel obliged for their generous hospitality.
Regarding the ugly Wall in Cyprus, I have sent you a link to read how Cyprus is still divided after the Trurkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974
Thank you again my dear friend Lydia for your warm and supportive words.

@ Cheryl. I consider this trip as a unique experience. Thanks Cheryl!

@ Dominika. Thank you my dear for your kind words. We had splendid time all together in Germany. Now, we awaiting for you to reciprocate.

@ Marie´s blog. Thank you so much for your sweet words. Today some of the participants called on me and they said that all of you were fantastic. It was so nice meeting you all. Please convey our sencere thanks and best wishes. Hope you'll visit Cyprus soon! Willkommen Marie. By the way, I have visited your blog and became a 'Follower'!!
Oh thank you for the nice memories!
I love your block with all the great photos!
Thank you for staying in Germany for the one week! It was one of the best

Lily said...

interesting story!

how come, you were on that trip? since you aren't a teacher, what is the connection?

cultural exchange is always good and should create peace and goodwill for the future!

Sissi Soko said...

We have also a Comenius university in our town.

jf said...

Definitely your trip in Germany was worth it in all views!!!

Katrin Mulcahy said...

Many, many thanks, Phivos, for the great photos and comments! It is interesting to see the unique experience of our Comenius meeting through your eyes resp. camera. I was so busy that I did not take many photos - yours are brilliant! We are happy everyone enjoyed their stay in Germany and had a good time here. I do hope that the international friendships between our eight nations will last for years. May there be many, many more meetings!

Chubskulit Rose said...

great learning activity for the students.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

@ Sarah Sofia Ganborg. Hi Sarah-Sofia, I was on that trip accompanying my wife who is a teacher! I played the role of the correspondent and of course the tourist, a job that I love more than my work!!!

@ Nikolaos Sokos. You may talk to Popi if you like Nikolaos, oh, sorry I mean Sylvia!! Perhaps you can swith information.

@ JamanFou. As far as I can judge as an outsider, YES, it was worthy by all means.

@ Katrin Mulcahy. Because of Popi I have been joining various Comenius Projects as an observer the last ten years or so!! I gained a unique experience of Comenius meetings around Europe!!! Therefore, I can say that the active participation results in a well-coordinated and meaningful planning by you Katrin turned the whole Project in a great success! Congratulations and keep on the good work. I hope our paths will cross again in the near future and definitely on next April in Cyprus where you are most welcome. Kind regards. Phivos

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Chubskulit. Thank you so much Rose. Best regards.

Sunny_Fotini said...

As I have seen at the photos you and Popi enjoyed one more trip and you collected experiences and beautiful moments. Time now to relax and start the Christmas shopping ;)

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Φωτεινή. We have much enjoyed our trip to the beautiful Germany. We returned back with more valuable experiences and knowledge!

phlou...flis said...

Καίτοι το σχολείο μου συμμετείχε σε ανάλογο πρόγραμμα για το Νερό, δεν συμμετείχα. Αλλά οι εμπειρίες από τους μαθητές μου που συμμετείχαν ήσαν αξέχαστες γι αυτούς.

Jeannette StG said...

Wow, you did a lot of work for this post. It looks and sounds an excellent experience for everyone involved. It is splendid to have more understanding of other cultures! Thank you for sharing Phivos.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

@ Phlou...flis. Με την πρώτη ευκαιρία Φώτη να πάρεις μέρος και θα με θυμηθείς. Αυτά τα προγράμματα είναι πολλαπλά χρήσιμα για το χτίσιμο μιας νέας Ευρωπαϊκής κουλτούρας...

@ Jeannette stgermain. I thank you Jeannette for you sweet words!

Νίκος Οικονόμου said...

Dear Fivos,
You made an amazing photo exhibition on Comenius visit in Germany. It was really an unforgettable experience
My best wishes for a happy New Year

Nikos from Thessaloniki

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Comenius club Evosmos. Yiasou dear Nicos and thank you so much for your generous comment. It was a great experience for all the participants, students, teachers and guests(!) like me!! Above all it was the unique, knowledge, experience and friendship we all gained in the end. Looking forward to receive you in Cyprus next April!! Happy New Year and warm regards and best wishes to ALL of you there in lovely Thessaloniki! Phivos