Friday, April 23, 2010

Vote for BOKO

My fellow blogger Elli Great has sent me this message from New Zealand

Hi, could you please vote for my son
Thank you, Ellie
Arts & amp; Culture
Young Pleiades
[Boko Great] [Young Pleiades]
Vote for Boko!
Our purpose is to nurture children's natural creative ability based on the young person's unadulterated quality to appreciate life and the environment as a never ending miracle which is the best way to look at the world and ourselves.
We attempt to do this by organizing weekly workshops on which children and young adults work together to combine their stories, pictures poems and other artistic ideas into a public performance which is filmed published on the web and DVDs to make our participants proud of their work and increase public awareness of the importance of creativity and imagination.

Boko is a graduate of UNITEC BA - Acting. He has an acting award from Mount Albert Grammar for his participation in the school plays. Boko has participated in numerous plays during his study in Unitec and has taken part in a music video. He has worked with the children in Young Pleiades for four seasons taking part in the workshops as coordinator, actor, director and facilitator.

Boko has participated in all activities of Young Pleiades since its creation in 2007. He contributed time and talent working with the children, leading them in the wonderful world of imagination and creativity. Boko was acted as one of the main characters in the first play and helped the director. He directed the second play running from work to rehearsals. In the third play he was the magician and helped with organizing the children and set during the performance. Boko has dedicated his efforts selflessly and has contributed to our success by helping children and guiding facilitators in the true principles of Young Pleiades in fostering imagination and creativity to equip children with winning, leadership skills in the modern fast paced and ever changing world for the benefit of all of us.
Vote for BOKO


συνvεφάκι said...

Καλημέρα.Εγώ τον ψηφισα πάντως.Ελπίζω να κερδίσει!

KINHA said...

Hi Phivos

I already vote for your son.
Good luck!


Jennifer Morrison - Contemporary Artist said...

Okay, I voted for him. Good Luck! Jennifer Morrison

MedaM said...

I just voted for this worth young man.
Good luck!