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Comenius – Eusola - Slovenia 2012

Final meeting in Slovenia
School Partnerships
Final Meeting
Comenius – Eusola
18th-22nd April 2012
Srednja Sola Crnomelj - Slovenia
 The project final meeting took place in the beautiful town of Crnomelj, Slovenia.
Črnomelj is a town and municipality in southeastern Slovenia and is at the heart of the region of White Carniola.

The hosting school of  Srednja Sola Crnomelj (School in Crnomelj-Slovenia) turned the participation and the stay of students and teachers from twelve countries, into a unique experience and an unforgettable memory.
The Slovenian teachers and especially Alexandra Kocevar and Marta Strmec made every possible effort to offer a warm traditional hospitality and a special treatment to everyone. 
Alexandra Kocevar was the chief in charge of this remarkable event. She smiles happily at her success.
The project under the title «EUSOLA (European Solidarity in Action) – Humanitarian Aid Project in a region outside the EU» focused on raising awareness of the position of underprivileged countries and the work of humanitarian organisations and put a joint humanitarian project into practice.
Teachers and students all together, were excited to welcome all their friends from so many different parts of Europe.

The great benefits of such projects in building a common goal and a European identity is obvious and there is no need to enhance further thoughts on it.

A bunch of Slovenian students looking excited by their participation in the program.

Absolutely successful opening ceremony and cheerful welcome by the Slovenian students and their teachers.

 A perfectly decorated wall with school photos.
The broad variety of ideas and the remarkable innovative activities which were organized, were appreciated by everyone.
 Everything was well planned and perfectly organized in every detail.

Amazing show with very variety in dances and music.

 A warm welcoming ceremony for the students, the teachers and friends.
 Can be pretty exciting!
Students from Denmark with their teachers Jutta Christensen, Kasper Munksgaard and Jens Lund Damkjaer, watching the welcome ceremony.

Sharing joy, expressing their responsibility and their commitment to the targets of the Project.
An interesting visit and presentation of Project work - Eusola 2010 - 2012 in the Slovenian Parliament. The Building of the  Slovenian Parliament is the seat of the National Assembly of Slovenia, a notable landmark of the city.

The Cypriot students Panayiota Costantinides, Demetra Spyrou and their teachers, right behind them, Andry Panayi and Ioanna Vasiliou Papadaki.
Alexandra Kocevar the Slovenian coordinator of the project, looking happy.
Gamze Aksoy, Fadime Budak and Irem Kabalak from Turkey.
 Zoltan Varga (Hungary) with Alexandra Kocevar in the House of Parliament.
                        French Therese Soulard and Kasper Munksgaard from Denmark.
 Carsten Witt with students from Germany.
The Danish team with their teachers Jutta Christensen, Kasper Munksgaard and Jens Lund Damkjaer.

The Italian team with their teachers Silvia Zirti and Raoul Bedin.
 The French team with their teachers Renée Corberand and Thérèse Soulard.

Alexandra Kocevar, Joao Alves (Portugal) and students with Renata Brunskole, Member of the Slovenian Parliament.  
Joao Alves (Portugal), Marta Strmec (Slovenia) Renata Brunskole, Member of Parliament) Alexandra Kocevar (Slovenia), Ricardo Baptista (Portugal) and another Slovenian teacher.

Multi-talented Monika Bracika sketched this representation of the lesson in a real classroom of 1950.
Monika Bracika explains that if we look back into the 1950's soon after the war, the major emphasis in teacher preparation involved classroom control.
Teachers having the unique opportunity to learn about what it was like to be a school pupil at that time...

It's hard to believe how time flies, but when you come across a real classroom of 1950 you are almost shocked.

They were all thrilled by the great idea to visit this abandoned elementary school, and brought the ‘50's era back to life.

Alexandra Kocevar Congratulations-you did it! You deserve our appreciation for the excellent idea to bring all of us here to study a little bit of Slovenian history for an hour...

Learning about the rich history and culture of Slovenia.

Monika and a ‘teacher’ dressed as characters from the 1950s as part of a school topic on the decade.

This era was dominated by the theory of "mental discipline," physical punishment, order, and obedience.
The school bell rang and all students were relieved for some fun!
A visit to a near by small museum.
A traditional furnished house of 1950's and early 1960's.
A wine tasting unique experience.
Alexandra Kocevar in wine tasting action, just came out of the cellar and the tasting room. Next to her Joao Alves (Portugal) after a few glasses of wine, he looks almost drunk!!
A winery in Metlika, a region where Slovenian wines are produced.
The entrance of the gorgeous town of Novo Mesto.
Testing honey and bee products.
At Bela krajina Museum in Metlika; another beautiful town in the region.

Visiting the Tourist Information Center in Metlika. Warm welcome and excellent treatment by the staff.
Well organized tours to enjoy the beauties of the country.

Skocjan Caves in Slovenia. Due to its exceptional significance, were listed on UNESCO’S list of natural and cultural world heritage sites in 1986.
There are so many things to see and to do...
Exploring the gorgeous capital city of Ljubljana despite the cold and raining day!
Ljubljana, the cultural, educational, economic, political and administrative centre of Slovenia.
Final Party - A successful farewell party was indeed a beautiful goodbye event.
Sweet memories with Marta Strmec, Alexandra Kocevar, Kasper Munksgaard and the Slovenian headmaster, Stane Vrscaj.

  A toast to say goodbye...
Ulrich Besirske from Munich, Germany, exchanging views with Alexandra Kocevar 
This was the signal that the fantastic trip had to come to an end.

A great opportunity, a perfect venue, a wonderful people and above all... the best friendships for ever!
Greetings to all of the teachers and students from all twelve countries; and compliments to our Slovenian friends for their warm welcome and hospitality.
 Thank you all so much.


Carsten Witt said...

An excellent report! Thank you, Popi!
Greetings from Finland
Carsten Witt

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@Carsten Witt. Thank you so much Carsten for your generous comment. Danke!!!

Monika said...

Dear Phivos!
I am fascinated by the wonderful report and excellent photographs. It is really something great to remember for lifetime. It was great to be a small part of this event. Thank you for visiting Slovenia - our beloved home. Monika

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Too bad the Cypriot mission was made up...